Welcome to our extensive floor plans gallery. If you are having a difficult time deciding what type of home you want, browsing through the different house styles can give you a place to start. Whatever your desires are, you will probably find some great ideas for your new log home within our gallery.

We feature over 100 different homes, categorized by the total design square footage. Changes can be applied to any of our stock plans or you can describe your ideas to us and our drafters can create your perfect dream home plan.  All of our log home ideas can be modified to a variety of log construction styles and 5 different log species. 

Log Home Plans

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Luxury accents & quality craftsmanship go into everything we make. With three generations (spanning 118 years) of custom and log home construction, our unsurpassed experience guarantees that your custom log home expectations will be met. At Jeremiah Johnson Custom Log Homes, we have a passion for what we do, take pride in every detail of our work and do our utmost to satisfy our customers.