What are the different options in log home construction? Log diameter, species, handcrafted, milled, chinked, post and beam, or timberframe…the list goes on. But, we’ve made it simple to show you the most popular sizes and styles. The end result is unique to your personal taste preferences and a fantastic look you will be proud to call your own. Remember, when you build a log home, the interior and exterior walls, insulation and structure all go in at that same time. In the long run, it will pay for itself. Your new, custom log home will add a unique flavor to your mountain lifestyle, adventurous spirit (and, let’s not forget), resale value.


Swedish Cope (Chinkless Whole Scribe Fit): Round inside and out, with a wedge shaped groove insulated on the bottom.

Dove Tail Log (Chinked Flat Cut): The full-scribed dovetail is a chink style of log construction that has been sawed flat on two sides.


Chinked “Whole Round” Log (Chinked Hand Peeled): Historic log home construction commonly incorporated a caulking/chinking material between the logs; this style is referred to as a chinked log home.


Double D Log (Chinkless Mill Cut): D-logs are round on the exterior side and flat on the interior side. D-logs come in various sizes depending on your desired look and budget.


Post & Beam (Structural Log Timber): Exposed cross beams and rustic, handcrafted log posts. For centuries, post and beam construction has been used to create one-of-a-kind homes.

Log Species – Available Wood Types

Western Red Cedar – fluted log ends, larger diameter logs.

Colorado Lodge Pole Pine – more knots and checks, yellow tone and blue stain. Often referred to as, Beetle Kill or Blue Stain Pine.

Engelman Spruce – Less taper, spiral grain checking, white tones.

Douglas Fir – Less taper, more structural, cleaner look with red tones.


White Cedar – Fluted log ends and smaller diameter logs.