Jeremiah Johnson Log Homes

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1501 County Road 308

Dumont, CO 80436

Custom Log Home FAQs

If you’re thinking about building a custom, log home, you probably have a lot of questions. With three generations (spanning 118 years) of custom, log home building experience, Jeremiah Johnson has answers

Q:  Why should I purchase my log home from Jeremiah Johnson Log Homes?

A: As both a log home manufacturer and builder, we not only have the expertise, but also years of experience behind us.  By emphasizing the beauty of the natural wood and using each piece in the area of the house that best suits it, we offer the most attractive and structurally sound product on the market today.The uniqueness of our logs and the artistry of our craftsmen are what we are most proud of.

Q:  What is the difference between your Handcrafted Log Homes and your competitor’s Milled Log Homes?

A:  The logs in our Handcrafted line are completely hand peeled and hand scribed to fit together.  Each log is individually unique and we try to incorporate logs into our homes with unique features such as burls.  Milled logs are peeled by machine giving each log in the home a standardized look.


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