The 7 Steps Involved with Log Home Construction

#1 Our Site Visit: ($400) Where do you want to build? We can do this before or after you purchase your property. Don’t get stuck buying a lot that would be difficult to build on. Additionally, after our site visit, you will gain a wealth of information from our experienced log home builders. We can help you answer questions like: Where will I get water? What is the best position of the house? What are the setbacks on my lot?, etc. A wide variety of critical “log home” questions will be answered by us during our “discovery”.

#2 The Floor Plan: Once you choose the size and style of the custom log home that fits your budget, our drafting department can assist you in creating a dream home plan that surpasses all of your expectations. Learn about log cabin floor plans here.

#3 Log Home Financing: We work with several local banks to get the construction of your home underway, sooner than you’d expect.

#4 Ordering the Log Package: Now, with a full set of plans and financing in place, we build the “Log Package” off site. The log package is typically ordered during the pre-construction phase before breaking ground. We order and construct your log package so that it will be completed, delivered and set when you new home’s foundation is completed. We will then accommodate all of the design elements to make your dream a reality. Depending on the size of your home, We can typically set an entire log home in about 1 – 5 days!

#5 Excavation: Footer, stem wall, frost trench or slab? These and other questions will be answered with our seasoned and experienced staff. We often contribute to “value engineering” our products, saving our clients thousands of dollars.

#6 Foundation / Concrete: Once we put in the forms, pour the concrete and backfill, we’re ready for framing work to begin on your new, custom log home.

#7 Building: Once your log package is set, and all the details and planning of build are finalized, you are now ready ready for the next step – finishing up your dream log home. Most clients pick one of three options described below.

Structural Dry-in
For clients who want to finish their new home themselves, we also offer a convenient and affordable “Dry-In” Service which makes your home weather tight. This service includes initial excavation, foundation, lower level framing, exterior windows and doors, exterior finish and roof with ice and water shield applied.

Turn Key Construction
This is our complete “hands-free” process. As you can imagine, building a log home has a steep learning curve, and this choice will ensure that you have a pleasant building experience that will make your life simpler.

Log Set
For our builder-clients that typically just purchase our “log packages”, our prices always include the log set on your foundation by our highly experienced, in-house crew. Each log will add individuality to your log home package and kit.

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Our model home, seen here, is at 1501 County Road 308 in Dumont, CO. It’s open to the public during normal business hours and is the perfect place to see the quality of our log home exterior and interior work first hand. While appointments are encouraged, feel free to just stop by!